About Us

IXL Academy of Learning was founded on the principle of providing quality education and tutoring to students who require a learning environment that is different from the traditional classroom. Our learning centre is warm, friendly and conducive to learning allowing students to engage in learning activities in a fun, personal way.

At IXL Academy of Learning we employ tutors that have the necessary qualifications and passion to assist our students in completing their schooling while also learning life lessons. Our tutors make use of teaching methods that encourage students to play an active role in their learning experience, which also teaches them responsibility and self-discipline. Along with our tutors our classrooms are warm and inviting allowing students to become actively engaged and to express themselves in a non-threatening environment.

We do not tolerate bullying and uphold the individuality and integrity of all our learners. We recognise that everyone is an individual with a special set of skills and needs and unique ways of expressing these.

We are mindful of the pressures facing learners and our team of tutors are on hand to provide your child with the necessary skills to achieve both personal and academic excellence. We also involve parents in the child’s learning journey and help structure support both at school and at home to help our students flourish.

We prepare learners for the ever-changing world.